Yun-Hsuan Chang
London-based woven textile designer from Taiwan

About me...

Yun-Hsuan Chang



I am a Taiwanese textile designer specializing in woven fabrics, currently based in London. Often inspired by architecture and natural landscapes, my work explores the relationships between human and the environment. Harmonious colour combinations and tactile textures are key elements of my work. I aim to create sensible designs that celebrate the value of craftsmanship and prolong the bonds between consumers and products which can eventually leads to greater use and longer functioning cycle. 

By pushing the boundaries of weaving technology and exploring the possibilities of yarns and structures, I create innovative woven textiles suitable for both fashion and interior design applications. While I use a variety of materials in each project, wool and silk are the materials I often start with and keep coming back to. Combined with specific yarn and quality selection as well as printing and dyeing techniques, a good range of fabric designs is being produced.